6 in 1 Combos

Combo's incorporate many popular inflatable features like, sliding, climbing, obstacles, and basketball that are all centered in one unit!

The All New Jurassic Adventure

Experience the adventure with climping, jumping, sliding, obstacles, basketball hoop, and pop up animals.

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Glow in the Dark Volley Ball

Looking for something different for your next Naples nighttime function?

I have a great suggestion! Glow in the Dark Volleyball.

Glow in the Dark Volleyball is a healthy outdoor activity with the benefits of traditional volleyball...But here are the radical differences:

It's played at night and the net, ball, out of bounds line and body all glow under this intense black light system. WOW!

Imagine how awesome it looks and feels to play volleyball at night!

Rock Wall

Mobile Mountain brings the spirit of rock climbing to your door step in Naples with our innovative mobile rock climbing wall. Towering 25 feet in the air, the portable rock climbing wall will make your event stand out above the rest.

Our wall is the most featured and realistic wall available and can accomadate up to 4 climbers on the automatic belay system.

Rock climbing is no longer a sport of a few individuals, but is now a very popular sport among all ages. With the advent of artificial rock climbing walls that use life-like features in a controlled environment, rock climbing has become even more popular and accessible.